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Modular Kitchen

Kick off your journey with our interior designs for modular kitchen with varying styles and budgets. Filter out the designs that is needed for your dream home and get it done from our Interior designers.

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L-Shaped Kitchen

With a tint of classy look, this large, modern kitchen design emits the punch you need. It features a pastel yellow lower cabinet with a black countertop, creamy white upper cabinet and black pendant light. The Creamy yellow lower and upper cabinets, with aluminum coated fluted profile handle, are a true mark of excellence

U-Shaped Kitchen

Customize your dream kitchen with elegant, modern parallel kitchen design. Chic and sophisticated, it features subtle coffee and white cabinets that create a truly stunning look. The pastel brown lower cabinets perfectly complement the white upper cabinets, while the white marble splashed backdrop adding a sense of warmth and luxury to this setup. Additionally, pantry system is inhibited which makes it ideal for cooks.

Modular Kitchen.jpg
Kitchen Interiors.png

Straight Kitchen

This compact India kitchen design is perfect for small spaces. With its gleaming design and grey cabinets, this kitchen is a contemporary to any home. Plus, the compactness enhances ample storage space so you can always keep your counters clutter-free. Ideal for rental properties or anyone who wants a modern kitchen on a budget, this cooking space is perfect for anyone who wants a functional and stylish kitchen.

Parallel kitchen

The perfect wild imaginary design will be bought live with its gracious white marble counter top and its cove light under the cabinets that brings sophistication. The aluminum profiled glass structure and cove lights creates an eye catching look to it.

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